caticonslite_bm_altTiefenthaler Homestead {family}

We recently had some quality family time visiting my sister and her family at their home in Salem. It was beautiful, cool weather for August and I took the opportunity to grab a few shots of some of their pets and other animals, plus my family catching up on their front porch.

Meet Luke…

My sister Karla also tasked me with capturing Dave, her husband, with his hunting dogs. And both were in good form…Luke is above and veteran Cricket is below.

My dad and Dave caught shooting the breeze while enjoying the breeze on the front porch. And Taffy got in on the action as well. Gotta love Corgi butts(above right)! Below she poses with my nephew Kutter.

I also got my folks to play along. My dad’s impression of a “pancake face” followed by a few happy, smiley shots…

Even the Tiefenthaler’sĀ hogs were photogenic. Gus seemed to be their new best friend, too.

And meet “Naughty Piggy!” She’s the last to survive of her litter and is always begging to be bottle fed. She got her name because everytime you pick her up she throws a fit…such a naughty piggy.

Thanks to my sister for a great weekend visit. Can’t wait til we all can get together again soon!

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