Chris & Stephanie + Baby {baby bump}

Chris and Stephanie are expecting their first child this summer and I am so excited because they have entrusted me to capture this milestone in their family’s life! I will be documenting their baby boy throughout his first year. To start off, we spent some time at their home and Memorial Park snapping photos of Stephanie’s growing baby bump to record her maternity.

We started in their adorably decorated nursery, ready for when their baby boy arrives in August. They have taken their uber-stylish DIY skills to make the nursery as fabulous as they have with the rest of their house!

Stephanie’s Father’s Day gift to Chris was this wonderful book to make sure her boys will be prepared to do all sorts of fun and dangerous kinds of guy stuff together. And tiny socks, for soon-to-be tiny feet.

At their house I also found a new love for bean bag style furniture. They have a wonderful version of the most comfortable bean bag in the world and, smartly, have kept it around from their college days. It was the perfect place for them to cuddle up under their bay window while I took the next few shots. I love how relaxed and snuggled in they are with the light pouring over them.

This next series is sweet because it was Chris’ idea. When they first started dating in high school (yes-they’re high school sweethearts!) Chris would buy Stephanie those cute black and white cards with a red rose highlighted in the image. So, he brought home a red rose for the photo session, and we snapped a few of their baby bump with the rose.

Our stop at Memorial Park was well worth it, because both the lighting and temperature cooperated with us for some of our best photos from the session.

Stephanie is so pretty and looks fabulous as an expectant mom. I particularly like the last photo (above right) where I caught Stephanie looking off at her husband, Chris, who was out of frame. I also love the image below. And it just so happened there was a national bicycle race passing through town and participants were camping at the park that night – the tents were a great pop of color in the background in this series of shots!

Chris & Stephanie are prepared and ready. I can’t wait for their first baby to become a part of this beautiful, wonderful family!

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