Zora, Anna Lea & Their Favorite Things {family}

Zora and her daughter Anna Lea have several things they love to do together. And I love they asked me to photograph them doing those things. It was an out of the ordinary session that included baking (banana bread – YUM!), bike riding, and smiles all around.

Anna Lea making sure the sugar is sweet enough!

Dry goods mixed, now time for eggs…

Check the batter and add the bananas!

One last taste test and then into the oven.

While the banana bread baked and made the house smell yummy, we goofed around in their backyard.

I love this one…

Then these cool girls were off to ride bikes.

Back at the house we took advantage of this older home’s great architecture. Who could pass up this cute divided door!

Oh, don’t forget to check on the bread…

Thanks Zora and Anna Lea for a fun afternoon. It was awesome to get to photograph a mom and daughter spending time together doing the things they love. It made me think of my mom and am sure it will touch on fond memories for all the moms and daughters who see this post, too. Happy baking and biking!

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