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Hannah connected with The Rocket Group through the Twestival event in Columbia earlier this year. She contacted me this fall to schedule a two hour product shoot for her company Vintage Funk and Junk. A Stephens College graduate, Hannah followed her passion and started her own business to make vintage wears a part of today’s mainstream. And she’s succeeding by showing ways to reinvent and incorporate a vintage piece into your modern style. The following are five diverse looks I photographed to help Hannah promote her brand to current and would-be customers.

Next up was a fabulous sheer yellow coat styled with black accessories and boots to help ground the airy frock…

From warm to cool, with vintage made new from head-to-toe.

This hot pink jacket screams fun.

Ever try prints with vibrant solids? If not, look and learn!

To end the day, a little green jacket worn styled to show a gorgeous back and great gingo leaf gold necklace.

Meet the fabulous ladies whose creativity inspired the session. Hannah (Vintage Funk’s proprietor and fashion maven), Hannah (our beautiful model), and Jacqueline (stylist extraordinaire).

Thanks Hannah, Hannah and Jacqueline! Be sure to check out more of what they have to offer to add the next vintage piece to your wardrobe.

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One Response to Vintage Funk {product}

  1. Alicia T. Bosman says:

    I love the vintage looks and especially the jewelry. What great looks! Can’t wait to see more!